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250 PSI – Price per foot More Products in "Hose & Couplers" Hose Shank Adapter Heavy Duty Hose Clamp Threaded Male Coupler 2″ Threaded Adapter Have Questions? Give us a call at 800-397-1984 or send us a message. We’ll get right back to you!

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I found 2243 kg/m3 for asphalt. That means we need to convert kg to tons, basically — and I know 2.205 lbs = 1 kg, which scales up to 2000 lbs = 907.0 kg, so each ton is 907.0 kg. New question: how many m3 are in 907 kg? We’d have one whole m3 if

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Asphalt is a resilient material. Asphalt is an engineered mixture of aggregate, or stone and sand, mixed with liquid asphalt cement. It is sometimes known to people as hot mix asphalt, tarmac or asphalt concrete. It’s a popular choice for driveways, footpaths, factory

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Bitumen 60/70 Bitumen 60/70 USD 429.00 per MT ( Subject to change daily, please request current price ) Min Order : As low as 24 MT. ( Fitted in a 20 foot Container ) QUICK DETAILS Port : West Port Malaysia, North Port Malaysia and Penang Port Malaysia.

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There are over 4,000 hot mix asphalt plants in Europe alone, producing some 300 million tonnes of asphalt per year. Asphalt is typically a mixture of approximately 95% aggregate particles and sand, and 5% bitumen, which acts as the binder, or glue.

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Enter measurements in the form below and click the “Calculate” button to arrive at your estimated quantity. Please contact us to verify your results or answer any questions you may have. Asphalt Calculator Width Feet Length Feet Thickness (Depth) Inches Results Calculated Volume Cubic Yards Calculated Volume Cubic Feet Hot Mix Required Tons( or ) Lbs.

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How Much Does Asphalt Crack Filling Cost? At some point in time, all pavement surfaces will experience some type of cracks. Cracks are typically caused by base failure, moisture intrusion, freeze/thaw, heavy traffics or other environmental factors.

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Used for quantitative determination of bitumen content in hot mixed paving mixtures and pavement samples. Unit is stainless steel, has 3000g capacity, coination vacuum/storage tank, and 12 in (305 mm) diameter filtering surface. Unit includes connection hose

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per foot 110 $62 Upgrade colored: additional cost to apply decorative beige colored asphalt surface sealer/filler; low odor. $0.17 per sq.ft. 525 $87 Material Cost $0.30 per sq.ft. 500 $149 + Labor Cost (basic) $36 per hour 8 $288 + Labor Cost (upgrade) $36 15

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This Asphalt Nashville Quote Includes: $1.00 to $2.00 per square foot material costs. Average labor costs to install asphaltic concrete driveways in Nashville, Tennessee. Average costs for materials and equipment for asphalt in Nashville. All project costs (surface

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At WRS, we understand that an important consideration is the price of your driveway or parking lot. To install Asphalt in the The Oaks area, costs can range from $5000 for small areas up to $20,000, depending on the area sizes and the materials used. Get a FREE

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Forget $20 - Oil Prices At $8 Per Barrel In Canada The price for a barrel of bitumen, the tar-like oil sands that comes from Alberta, fell to just over $8 per barrel this week. That is not a typo. Bitumen traded at $8.35 per barrel on Tuesday. Learn More

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Item Unit Cost Quantity Line Cost Sand mix sealant: emulsion based rubberized sealant/filler, low odor. $0.10 per sq.ft. 525 $51 Upgrade colored: additional cost to apply decorative beige colored asphalt surface sealer/filler; low odor. $0.07 per sq.ft. 525 $36

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Overview Hot mix asphalt (HMA) pavement refers to the bound layers of a flexible pavement structure. Asphalt pavement material is a precisely engineered product composed of about 95 percent stone, sand, and gravel by weight, and about 5 percent asphalt cement, a petroleum product. Asphalt cement acts as the glue to hold the pavement together. Our HMA is mixed at our asphalt production

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$852,238 per two-lane mile compared to $878,513 per two-lane mile for a hot-mix asphalt roadway – or a savings of roughly $26,000. Even with the WMA improvement in asphalt paving process, a concrete road was cheaper – requiring only $769,269 per two

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Cost To Install An Asphalt Driveway - 2020 Price The cost of asphalt ranges from to per square foot, including labor. It is easier to get a better idea of the total cost when you calculate it in tonnes, however, and that is how these calculations will be carried out.

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Established in the year of 2003, We “Kesar Road Equipments (India) Private Limited” are the leading Manufacturer Asphalt Hot Mix Plant, Asphalt Batch Mix Plant, Asphalt Drum Mix Plant, Wet Mix Macadam Plant, Road Paver Finisher, Bitumen Decanter, etc .

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50688 x 4/12 = 16,896 cubic feet of asphalt Asphalt weighs 150 pounds per cubic foot weight = 150 x 16896 = 2,534,400 pounds at 2000 punds per ton that is 2534400/2000 = 1270 tons of asphalt

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The answer is, it depends. Different types of bituminous cement concrete (asphalt hot mix) use different but let''s 158 pound of asphalt hotmix per cubic foot. Multiply the volume in cubic feet

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From January 2018 to this month, the price per ton of liquid asphalt, the black glue agent that gets mixed with rocks and sand to make hot-mix asphalt, went up $352.50 to $498.50. Download PDF

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Assumptions: Asphalt cost: $4.00 per square foot. This can vary depending on how thick it’s applied and the region in which you live. Special features: The calculator above assumes the cost of a Chip Seal top coat, stamped surface or color asphalt at $4.00 per square foot.

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The drum plant is capable of storing up to 1,200 tons of hot mix asphalt with six silos. Braen Stone also services customers with their 150 ton per hour batch plant. This asphalt plant is ideal for servicing smaller quantities of material.

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The typical cost of sealcoating ranges anywhere from 10 cents to 30 cents a square foot depending on the factors listed above. Overall, sealcoating is typically less than one-tenth the cost of paving with an asphalt …

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HRM 714 hot-applied rubberized asphalt waterproofing merane is a 100% solids blend of asphalts, synthetic rubber polymers, and filler formulated to provide toughness with flexibility and low moisture vapor permeance. HRM 714 Hot-Applied Rubberized

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Bitumen penetration grade 40/50 is semi-hard penetration grade bitumen suitable for road construction and repair. This grade of bitumen is mainly used in the manufacturing of hot mix asphalt for bases and wearing courses. • Bitumen 30/40: This is the hardest of