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National Fire Fighter is your one-stop-shop for firefighter supplies. Visit our website to find the best selection of fire hoses and reels! Coxwell Manual Rewind Live Reels hold up to 300 feet of 3/4" I.D. hard rubber hose, or 200 feet of 1" I.D. hard rubber hose. Hand


Describes hose load management implemented by fire departments to increase operational effectiveness. Deployment of preconnected attack lines; Nuer of static hosebeds off the rear of the engine for reverse laying. Related Articles High-rise/standpipe hose

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Shop Supplies T 18004533964 7804535040 Access Latch Grease Fitting PART# SIZE W.L.L. ROPE DIAMETER OVERALL LENGTH DESCRIPTION 80335 3” 1/2 Ton 8 mm (5/16”) 11” Loop, Safety Latch, Access

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The chrome front bumper was deepened to act as an air dam. Rain gutters and glass trim were made flush with the body. The roof’s trailing edge was upswept like a spoiler.

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122 Seattle Fire Department Chapter 4 • Engine Evolutions To minimize the nuer of lengths of hose required and to provide rapid hose line positioning, consideration must be given to the following possible options: • Stretching hose up the open well of a stairway

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Before removing the cap from the hose place a fold several feet back from the end of the hose so when the cap is removed air will not enter back into the hose. If the line as been sealed off by re-coupling it back into the remaining hose in the hosebed the above-mentioned step will not be needed.

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If you are lucky enough to find an opening through which to thread a tie-down line, it’s usually only after you’ve squirmed around on your back, under your vehicle. These points typically require you to have at least 3-4 feet more line than usual just to tie it off with a secure knot.

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in the hose, centering the top layer of hose over the bottom layer. Figure 3.5 – Straddle the hose at the bight, facing the couplings. Pick up the bight of the hose with both hands and fold it over and away from the body. Keep the two layers in line and on top of

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2011/3/2· 30 seconds after the truck stop, the team has a nozzle at about 300 feets, flowing 135GMP (that''s 1 3/4 hose line). For building, we use a system with such a box with 2 1/2 and hose line of 1 3/4 on shoulder. Our best time is less than 7 minutes at 11th floor

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611 - Engine (2006 Spartan/Crimson) - Front Line at Station 23 (Engine 23): 2,000 GPM Hale Single Stage Pump. 800 Gallon Water Tank. 1,125 Feet - 5 Inch Hose. 600 Feet - 2 ½ Inch Hose. 4 - Preconnect Attack Hose Loads. 3 - 1 ¾ Inch Hose (1 in side

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These bumpers withstand temperatures up to 300 F, which is at least twice as high as our other load rated bumpers. Use them in appliions that require specific load capacities. All are reinforced with a base plate for strength. Often used as feet, spacers, and vibration dampers, these bumpers absorb shock to prevent damage to equipment and surfaces.

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Crews getting back to normal and hose testing Eng#52 hose tonight. Did you know each apparatus carries the following hose loads: 1000’ of 5” supply line; 2-pre-connected 2” attack lines w/ 200’ each; 1- bumper line of 100’ of 2” attack hose; 1- 200’ blitz line w/ 3

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2010/12/9· Bumper rolls: 200 ft. x2 in the bumper, deploy in line with the engine vs. toward the curb allowing the load to fully hit the street before running into any obstacles. Re-racks in less than a minute with pre-rolled hoses and deploys withing 25'' of the bumper. Also allows

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Go for a step bumper if you: Only plan on towing smaller trailers and light loads. A step bumper is typically rated at about 3,500 lbs towing capacity. The exact rating can usually be found somewhere on the bumper itself. Prefer to load and haul cargo on your truck

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2016/5/30· Firefighter Deadline: May 30, 2016 Salary: $38,534.00 – $42,831.00 Annually Job Description: To protect the lives and property of citizens of Little Rock by responding to calls for firefighting or emergency rescue assistance. Â Essential Job Functions: Responds to

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This video will look at the standard, 5 inch supply hose bed loading procedure. The videos contained in this section of the task manual will highlight all the primary skill sets needed when establishing a water supply from a booster tank(s), a hydrant or water shuttle

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As for current hose loads, we have on all pumpers except for the Squad, 2 200'' pre-connects off the rear, flat loaded, with the last 35 feet finished in the minute man load, we do have 2 crossloads, one 100'' flat loaded with loops (trash line), and the other 200'' flat

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Thousands of sewer line storage reviews, same day shipping. Best sewer line storage selection available. Lowest price guaranteed. Easy online ordering Sewer hose kit drains your RV''s black-water tank into a portable wastewater tank. Heavy-duty 3'' polyolefin hose

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Crews getting back to normal and hose testing Eng#52 hose tonight. Did you know each apparatus carries the following hose loads: 1000’ of 5” supply line; 2-pre -connected 2” attack lines w/ 200’ each; 1- bumper line of 100’ of 2” attack hose; 1- 200’ blitz line w/ 3” hose; and a rear pre-connected 2” attack line of another 150’.


Many engines include a special compartment in the front bumper that can store a short preconnected hose line. To reach a fire that is some distance from the engine, it might be necessary to first advance a larger-diameter line, and then split it into two 44-mm (1.75-in.) attack lines.

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F-Series Features Single Engine Drive Dramatically decreases fuel consumption, maintenance expenses, sound levels, weight on chassis and initial purchase price.Chassis engine powers all systems. Hose Reel The F-Series has a front-mounted hose reel. The easy 180º rotation of the reel allows the operator to loe the reel over the manhole without reloion of the unit.

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Dixon 13MHHM Single Pin Heavy Duty Clamps are constructed from 304 stainless steel and intended for use with sanitary Tri-Clamp® fitting connections. These cross hole wing nut style sanitary clamps allow for quick and easy tightening without the need for tools While these clamps are designed for heavy duty appliions, over time the wear and te

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2016/4/15· How to Read a Load Chart Using the Elliott 26105F Boom Truck technical specifiion sheet as a reference, this article will walk you through the method of reading a load chart. There are two charts that make up a spec sheet. For all charts, if work is being